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Creepy vacant lot revisited

Late last year, I put up some pictures of a creepy vacant lot near town that’s full of deer and other animal bones.  My best guess at the time was that it was where road crews brought road killed animals.  The field is on state land, near the administrative offices of Colorado Parks & Wildlife.  But the way the bones were scattered over many acres didn’t seem to fit.

On the fourth of July, thinking to avoid crowds of outdoorsy tourists, we headed back to the creepy lot.  Sure enough, we had the place to ourselves.  So we followed a little track we hadn’t noticed before, and found the answer.

The pictures that follow aren’t just bones, and aren’t suitable for most people.  But if you want to see them…

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Sad coyote

Last weekend, we found a dead coyote

Finding dead stuff is common enough, especially in the desertWhole bodies are rarer (unless they’re roadkill or science projects).  This was the first intact coyote I’ve seen that wasn’t obviously shot or run over. So I looked at it for a while. 

I found it sadder than most dead animals.  Maybe because it’s a kind of dog?  Anyway, you probably don’t want to see photos.  If you do, there are some below the cut.

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Sad deer pictures in 3, 2, 1…

We found something really sad - newborn deer twins that didn’t make it.  I thought they were beautiful in an awful way, so I took pictures… but you probably don’t want to see them. 

If you do, they’re after the jump.  Sorry.

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